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    Central Florida Autonomous Vehicle Partnership Proving Ground

    Capabilities and Facts Sheet


    The Central Florida Autonomous Vehicle Partnership (CFAVP) Proving Ground will be used to test autonomous vehicle technology, provide results to support the advancement of technology and guide the development of national standards and policy. It is one of only 10 sites to be designated as an autonomous vehicle proving grounds in the United States by the USDOT.

    About the CFAVP

    Established in 2012

    Unique partnership group consisting of
    public entities

    Provides a broad testbed of facilities across the region with testing capabilities for all modes of transportation

    Three-tiered approach to leverage resources of the partnership and provide the greatest amount of capabiltities


    Software Simulation
    Testing Facilities
    Dedicated simulation and software development laboratories in partnership with the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Simulation and Technology and Florida Polytechnical University’s Autonomous Vehicle Program.


    Controlled Testing Facilities


    Opening in mid to late 2018, SunTrax will be the largest closed urban environment for autonomous and connected vehicle
    testing in North America.  It is a 200-acre fully customizable city-shape with pedestrian facilities, surrounded by a 2.25 mile high speed oval test track.  For more information, click here.

    Kennedy Space Center

    Over 564 miles of secure and private roadways

    Calibrated dust testing chamber to evaluate sensors and algorithms

    Ability to simulate extreme weather scenarios as it relates to autonomous vehicles and how they respond to inclement conditions



    Public Testing Facilities
    The only proving ground offering:

    Over 110 miles
    of Limited Access Freeways, Regional Public Transit System, Four dedicated Bus Rapid Transit lines, Urban Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities




      Charles Ramdatt, PE, PTOE, AICP
      P 407.246.3186


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